Anonymous asked:

Hi! :) What was is like working at JCrew? Was is hard to get the job? Did you like working there? I hate the job I have now and I was thinking about applying an JCrew and wanted to know what your experience was like working there :) by the way, you're super gorgeous & I wish I looked like you! 🙈 Have a nice day 😊

Hey there! I absolutely adored working at Jcrew, like so much! And it honestly just depends if the store needs you at the time. I had zero work experience and I still got hired! So if that’s what you’re worried about, I wouldn’t. Like I said it all depends on what the store needs and that goes into effect on how many hours you get as well! I signed up saying I could work 20hours a week but usually only worked 3 times a week with 5 hour shifts because that’s what my store needed (we had a lot of employees) anyways, I deff recommend applying there!! I loved being apart of the Jcrew family and will deff be working holidays and next summer! Also, thank you so much, you’re too sweet :)




"A nation can only be free, happy and great in proportion to the virtue and intelligence of the people." This Stephen F. Austin quote can be found on the ceiling in the Hall of Noble Words, a portion of the Life Science Library on the second floor of the Main Building. Famed classics professor and UT administrator William Battle chose the quote and 43 others to adorn the library’s ceiling beams. Perfect study-break inspiration.

[Images: Marsha Miller/UT Austin. Source]