Anonymous asked:

Hey! So I love how happy you are and I love your blog so much!! I need some advice. So recently I noticed this guy on of my classes!! I think he is so cute and my friends told him that I thought that! So recently we started talking more we text and he walks me to my next class after the only class we have together. I'm starting to like him and I'm really scared to get my hopes up and then have him not like me :( I'm not the prettiest girl which is why I'm afraid. Any advice? Thanks:)

Awh thank you so much :)

And okay first off, don’t ever tell yourself you are not pretty or think you’re not the prettiest because you are gorgeous inside and out. Secondly, obviously this guy has to at least somewhat feel the same way because y’all are talking more and he’s walking you to class every day! Just keep it going and let things progress naturally, I’m sure things will work out. And honestly, in a couple weeks if he hasn’t made any bigger moves or says anything, you be the one to say something and ask him to hang out! Just be yourself and be confident in who you are :)